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Acai Brothers


Acai Brothers
Lead Designer 

I greatly enjoyed working at Acai Brothers the last 8 months. And in those months, I have became an integral member of the team, and have developed innovative ways to contribute to the company. 


This segment of my digital portfolio not only showcases how much I have achieved over the past 8 months of employment with Acai Brothers (and Invue), but also outlines the achieved goals and where I have truly demonstrated the highest level of dedication and quality of work. 


The brand guidelines document - re-branded. 

- Acai Brothers business cards - re-branded. 

- New digitally interactive website - easy to use, is more engaging & showcases brand personality in a fun but also cool/premium way.

- Re-branded and refined franchisee booklet and application form - Booklet displays as digital & responsive (clickable & works across all devices) flip book to send out to potential franchisees.

- Recreated the AB menu panels, signage & posters - ultimately helping to increase store sales & revenue.

- Execution of all new monthly campaigns with re-branded design elements - perfect example of using my skills and experience to create effective marketing to our customers in-store through use of posters & increase engagement of followers through use of social posts & stories (facebook & instagram ads) interactive & responsive mailchimp EDM Newsletters to combined database (loyalty & BOPPL customers). Also tested effectiveness of days of the week & times of day to send out plus looked at text placement, email titles, scroll time & call to action. All of these changes taken into effect showed a spike in open & click through rates. Marketing has proven to be effective with each element working hand in hand to achieve ultimates campaign awareness. Shown leadership and initiative through taking the time to send entire team the positive results and congratulating them on their hard work in achieving such positive results. 

- Special and unique to store campaign artwork - keeping brand consistency, clear and good communication between stores to achieve the desired artwork specific to their event/collab through use of design brief that I created for stores to complete and sent to be 5 days min prior to due date ( e.g.. dog club, store birthdays prize countdown, gym & fitness collaborations, sports & fitness events, BOPPL & Ubereats promos) Again this marketing has proven to be effective with each element working hand in hand to achieve ultimates campaign awareness. 99% of the time the stores are also extremely greatful and happy with the final & approved design elements. 

- New Merchandise- created template of dog tags, scarves, tees, hats & bottles 

- Packaging & label redesign - Total of 20 label designs completed and sent to suppliers.

- BOPPL stickers, promo cards- Also supplied deep etched and retouched product images to developers to replace with old images on app. Took own initiative to replace these images so that there is brand consistency with menu on app & 


- The Acai Brothers Conference- Created all the assets for the presentation. 

- Shoot mood-board & story boarding (included props, shot list & locations) gave videographer/photographer direction and helped to reach out to models in preparation of the shoots. Was then able to help recreate the AB instagram feed using new content. Ben sat with me as a showed off my skills and ability to manipulate the images to look exactly how we wanted them to for consistency.

- Magazine article - Also used new images to create epic magazine single page feature in Manly Guide summer edition. 

- Encouraged the use of an organisational platform (Monday) and encouraged/supported team to use it. Once this was achieved, I then helped to delegate tasks to individual team members. 

Franchisee Booklet
Brand Guidelines Document
Premium Satin Staff & Franchisee Business cards
In-store Decor - A2 Lightboxes
Acai Brothers Vegan Protein
Acai Brothers Movember Coffee & Acai Cup Designs
Acai Brothers Menu Panels redesigned & installed across Australia
Acai Brothers Takeaway Menu Redesigned
Acai Brothers A4 Drinks Menu Redesigned
New Content Shoot Story/Moodboard
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.29.54 pm.png
New Content Instagram Feed Mockup

- New digitally interactive website - easy to use, is more engaging & showcases brand personality in a fun but also cool/premium way.

- Visually appealing & appetizing to customer - What you see is what you get 

- Easy to read – simplistic & on brand use of text 

- Playful illustrations & icons – clear visual representation of brand personality.


1. Popup sign – up 

2. Burger Menu 

3. Menu (Acai & supplier pop up) 

4. Jobs (at HQ) 

5. Our story- Bottom headlines click through to particular AB online articles & bowl quiz 

6. Store Locator- shows location & full details of all store. Bowl pops up on map of all location. 

7. Franchise- Hover on states to reveal current areas that are franchising 

8. Merchandise/product page- (coming soon) Also 

includes popup quick view & purchase feature 

9. Product Detail page - (coming soon) 

10. Loyalty Program – Sign Up page 

11. Contact Us- 6x digital forms of contact 

12. Acai Bowl Quiz 


Was in constant communication with a dev team to custom code this amazing digitally interactive website. This was also an amazing opportunity to use new content (video & photographs) to help with re-brand consistancy. 

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