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Brand Creation

Fashion Influencer
& Model

This was the third branding presentation I had created for Invue which is an Influencer Creative Agency. I was hired as Senior Digital Designer to produce all of the design assets for each fashion brand that we create within Invue. It is the first company in the world that builds premium brands shaped by  influencers.

This included working closely with our CEO, Influencer Relationship Manager & Social Media Specialist to understand what the influencer's target market is and then the type of brand we wanted to create for them. I had implimented a design process which is a campaign brief that the RM needed to fill out. This would then give me all of the specifics I needed to put together all of the assets and present it within a branding presentation to the influencer.

The branding presentation included the aim, brand personality, brand values, logo & submarks, colour palette, fonts, garment designs, product price point, launch plan, social media growth strategies, packaging (stickers, tissue paper, box packaging), swing tags, thank you cards, website design (mobile & desktop mockup), campaign & video moodboards, location moodboards and website product shot moodboards.  

Each influencer is so different and has so much creative vision for what they want to achieve in having their own brand. Creating all of the design assets for Marli and working so closely with the influencer and the team to put together something spectacular to present to Madi Edwards was one of my career highlights. It was ultimately making someone's dream become a reality which meant was so much more then just making something look beautiful. 

Senior Digital Designer 
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