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Being a Creative Director is so much more than just designing and making ordinary things look beautiful.

I want so much more than just to sit at a computer and make somewhat mundane things look beautiful… I want to produce thoughtful, carefully crafted branding that will inspire, engage and enthuse; websites that are refined and sophisticated; ‘next level’ creativity that will provide your business with an identity that truly reflects the unique character and ethos of your company.

I want to sit down with you to find out more about the ins and outs of your business, what drives you, what motivates you, where you’re headed, what you want to achieve.

I want to get to know you so that we can work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your business. I want you to feel comfortable with me – and secure in the knowledge that I want what you want, that I share your vision and that I will work alongside you to create content that will connect with your dream target audience.

I don't want to do anything mundane or ordinary or boring; what I do want is to create inspirational, professional, bespoke branding and designs that will best reflect my client's vision and energy, and communicate my passion as a creative in helping them achieve their goals.


Hi, my name is Inge Loock (Yes, that is indeed what inspired the name Studio Loock), and here is my designer timeline written quite briefly below for you to learn more about me and my background within the industry.

I am originally from South Africa ( a Saffa through & through) where I grew up on a farm just outside Johannesburg. In 2001, my parents made the epic decision to move to Australia, and this big change in my life to live in this beautiful country is what inspires me every single day to embrace new opportunities with flair and passion because, hey -  life is too short not to live each moment to the max!


My journey in the graphic design realm truly began when I completed a Bachelor in Digital Media Design back in 2013. I relocated from Sydney to the UK for two years where I gained international experience working for a creative design agency and immersed myself in a whole new fashion and design culture with seriously amazing like-minded creatives. With 10+ years of experience in the creative and fashion industry, I now live permanently on the Sunshine Coast and feel ready to step up my freelance game as a Creative Director of my own design agency ~ Studio Loock.


My broad range of experience across many fields and industries, means I have built up a comprehensive understanding of executing branding and campaigns across both print and digital platforms, working from initial strategy and concepts through to finished art and final production.


My work reflects my journey as a creative – starting as an artist and developing into a designer. I have used every opportunity to widen my skill sets and to find even more passion within various other creative fields. When I am not drawing, sketching, painting, designing, or doodling, you will find me enjoying a brisk walk on the beach, or enjoying a coffee at one of the many wonderful cafes in and around Sunny Sunshine Coast.


So - want to join me for a coffee either in person or virtually? Let's meet!

Are you looking to get a custom quote to suit your project's specific needs? At Studio Loock we know that each project is so different therefore we can provide you with a special custom quote that has the specific timeline and budget that your unique project requires.


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